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Sahara Nepal Saving and Credit Co-operative Society Limited is a community, group and member based co-operative model microfinance institution established on April 03, 1996, registered under Co-Operative Act. 2048.Its registration number is 3-1-7(49)052/053 .It is situated at charpane VDC Ward NO: 3 of Jhapa District in Eastern Development Region of Nepal.It is is dedicated to the social and economic development of the local community by reducing the poverty. It is providing co-operative microfinance services to the members. It is also involving in a variety of social development programs, such as livelihoods, health & environment and community empowerment. It strives to raise awareness among the poverty stricken and the down trodden as well as to establish sustainable development in order to guarantee basic necessities and to achieve self-sufficiency, thus creating a legitimate society.



Dear Valued Customers,

Welcome to Sahara Nepal Saving and Credit Cooperative Society Limited

Personalize service is our major goal. We want our service to be accurate and timely. The customer always comes first. We want our customers to know us as a friend. We strive to be the best SACCOS and we will achieve this because, I believe, we have the best people. We want to be known for creativity and innovativeness. We want our customers to be proud to say "together we are"!


Mahendra Kumar Giri



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Monthly status as on Ashoj 31,2074

  • Region - 1
  • Districts - 06
  • Branches - 64
  • Area - 04
  • Sub metropolitian:2
  • Municipalities - 8
  • Members - 121382
  • Staff - 373



contact of Sahara Nepal S&C cooperative limited Contact Us

Sahara Nepal SACCOS is situated in the Eastern Development Region of Nepal.The Contact address is as follows:

Address: Birtamod, 2 Jhapa, Nepal
Telephone: +977-023-543408
Telephone: +977-023-541198
FAX: +977- 023-543716