Sahara Nepal Saving and Credit Cooperative Society Limited also provide different services beside financial services. It also involves in various social activities and community based programs. Different services provided by Sahara Nepal SACCOS are as follows:

1) provide financial services to share holders, group members and stakeholders.

2)Organize health Camps by the help of Health institutions ,NGOS and INGOS.

3) provide skill oriented training to raise economic status of Group Members.

4)Provide Pre group training to the members of new group.

5)Provide employment to minimize unemployment rate .

6)Provide PRA training to the staffs.

7)Provide Remittance services through different service centers.

7)Provide insurance services to the group members,employees and stakeholders.

8)Run radio programs related to Sahara Nepal SACCOS to raise awareness.

9) Provide financial and logistic support to the common people during disaster.

10) Organize Study tour for staff and shareholders of the institution.

11)Provide Metlife Lifeinsurance service to group members for loan security.

12)Provide monthly allowance of RS 500 to Shareholders above 70 years.

13)Provide RS 1000 to Rs 25000 in case of accident of shareholders.

14)Provide Rs 4000 to RS 7500 to support delivery expense of shareholders.

15)Provide Rs 5000 to RS 10000 to share holders to support health expense in critical case.